How To Take Care Of Wavy Hair After Shower

How to Take Care of Wavy Hair is often thought of as distinct from curly hair due to its subtle curl pattern and is treated as rebellious straight hair that must be flat ironed into submission.

Wavy hair is a type of curly hair, however, and as such, it needs to be given a fair shot to shine as it is a beautiful hair type. As a sort of wavy hair design, wavy hair flourishes with the Wavy Young Lady/Fellow (or CG, for short) strategy, similar to curlier hair designs!


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You have come to the right place if you want to learn how to take care of wavy hair and keep it happy and healthy. We’ve assembled a couple of rules to assist you with building an ordinary daily schedule for your wavy hair because of the CG strategy.

How To Take Care Of Wavy Hair

But before you continue, keep in mind that there are a lot of things that affect your hair’s natural behavior and how it reacts to certain products and methods. This includes the porosity of your hair, how fine it is, and even the weather on a particular day. Accept this as a starter routine for wavy hair, and use it as a beginning stage to fabricate a hair care schedule that is ideal for your hair.

Before beginning your new wavy hair routine, assuming you have been using standard hair care products that are not CG-friendly, perform a reset wash with your regular shampoo.

Washing Your Hair

One of the standards of the CG strategy is that hair with a surface requires more dampness than hair that is straight. Sadly, in any case, the shampoos we’ve all become used to utilizing each wash eliminate your hair’s regular dampness and leave it dull and dry. Start your wavy hair care journey by temporarily stopping your shampooing regimen.

Rather than a cleanser, you will utilize a CG-accommodating (without silicone) conditioner to purge your hair. If you find your hair too greasy after about a month of this routine, try switching to a low-poo routine with a sulfate-free shampoo.

Detangling Your Hair

The process of detangling wavy hair is very different from the process of detangling straight hair. First rule: no brushes. Second, detangle only in the shower with liberal amounts of conditioner.

Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to gradually remove any tangles and knots while your hair is wet and evenly coated with conditioner. Be gentle with your hair and avoid using force because doing so could break it.

How To Take Care Of Wavy Hair: Conditioning Your Hair

Co-washing and conditioning with a CG-friendly conditioner does not guarantee that your hair is getting the most benefit from the product. Use the tried-and-true CG method of conditioning known as squish to condish to get the most nourishment out of your conditioner. More or less, this strategy for molding your hair permits the conditioner to infiltrate deeply inside the hair shaft and leaves your waves delightfully fun and saturated. Moisturizing Your Hair

How To Take Care Of Wavy Hair: Styling Your Hair

Since we’ve eliminated shampoos and sulfates from our schedules, silicones are presently off the table for styling items. This is because sulfates are the only thing that can get rid of silicone from your hair; without them, the silicone from your styling items will just develop in your hair over the long haul. You’d be surprised at how many products contain various types of silicone when you start looking for them!

To be certain that your item is CG-supported, simply plug it into this site. Don’t be alarmed, however. CGers can use all kinds of styling products; they just have to be CG-friendly. By and large, nonetheless, wavy hair answers well to lightweight items with moderate areas of strength too, like mousses or light gels. Whichever product you choose, you’ll get the best results if you apply it to wet hair and dry your hair with the product already applied.

How To Take Care Of Wavy Hair: Drying Your Hair

Newly washed hair and hair with items in it tend to be dried in two ways: diffusion or air drying. On the off chance that you have opportunity and energy in excess and don’t desire extra volume, settle on the previous. For quicker drying and more volume, choose the last option.

However, you should always begin your hair-drying process with a plop. The plop is a unique CG method of drying that is meant to ease your hair into its drying phase. No more frizz and tangles from terrycloth towels; for a plop, you will use either a microfiber towel or a plain cotton tee.

Protecting Your Hair


At last, your wavy hair should be treated with care and safeguarded from whatever can cause frizz, tangles, and other damage. Keep away from frizz through and through by utilizing a silk pillowcase or hood to safeguard your hair while you rest.

Use a heat protectant that is friendly to CG if you want to straighten or curl your hair. Be very careful not to damage it with heat. Heat harm is serious business and is a reliable method for smoothing your waves out for good (or, if nothing else, until you develop new ones)

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