OPI Bubble Bath VS Funny Bunny | Special Sheer Nail Polish

When it comes to choosing the perfect sheer nail polish, OPI offers many options. But, two shades stand out: Bubble Bath Vs Funny Bunny. These subtle superb hues have become very popular. Our readers and fans love them.

Let’s kick things off with Bubble Bath:


Bubble Bath:

Let us research the delicate world of Bubble Bath. This shade is NLS86. It is a soft deep peach pink. It changes from sheer to medium coverage with each coat. Its use makes it great for everyday wear.

It adds subtle polish to your nails. Bubble Bath has Infinite Shine and Longwear formulas. It certifies a lasting perfect finish. The finish can weather the demands of daily life.

Funny Bunny:


And now, onto Funny Bunny:

But, Funny Bunny (NLH22) introduces a playful twist with its sheer milky white hue. This shade shows a crisp clean look that is both refined and easy. Like Bubble Bath.

Funny Bunny offers a buildable range. It keeps its sheer energy but adds a polished finish. It is available in the long-wear Infinite Shine formula. This formula confirms strength without a flexible style.

Now here’s the main difference between these two beauties:

  • Bubble Bath suspends out in the pink color family leaning towards warm peach tones.
  • Funny Bunny on the other hand is more of a neutral white giving you that clean fresh vibe.

Both come in a Longwear Countless Shine formula but Bubble Bath goes the extra mile with an action formula for some added nail love.

So in the end it all spots down to what you are vibing with. If you are after a clean, crisp, sheer white Funny Bunny’s got your back. But if you are feeling warm and useful, the pink Bubble Bath is your go-to.

Honestly, they are both superb in their own way, so it comes down to your personal favorite and the look you are going for. Happy polishing!


In conclusion, Bubble Bath and Funny Bunny have unique qualities. These provide various favorites. You can opt for the hotness of Bubble Bath or the freshness of Funny Bunny. OPI guarantees a polished experience that tops outlooks. So, why not indulge in the sheer beauty of these iconic shades and elevate your nail game today?

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